Recently we hosted our 2nd Annual ABMT - 4WD Style, to raise funds for the Cancer Council. Below is the list of winners of the raffle prizes. Congratulations to those who won, and a massive thank you to every one who attended and donated. 





Keith Hodges 59875 $200 Insurance
Holly Ronsley 10541127 Portable folding panel
Doug Bickhoff 10541101 recovery tracks
Michael Kruger 11009882 Compressor
Heather Emerson 1247879 Stretcher
Caitlin Morganq 1418918 Magnetic Mic holder
Sue Walker 59039 Hand held
Annette Blatman 1389201 balloon flight
John Sloan 11169662 Magnetic Mic holder
Lenny Khor 10769250 Homestead Cottage
Simone Kidd 1390974 Electrical spares kit
Ben Sweetnam 10769243 Wangi
Bob n Rosie 59183 Water tank
Terese Ellis 59892 wangi
Bob n Rosie 59184 Stretcher
Michael Kruger 11009871 Hot stone massage
Brian Pullman 1418947 Magnetic Mic holder
Luke Paver 1113432 Total Care
Karl Reilly 10509249 bull bar mount
Clyde Frost 59031 Tyre King
Tim Stootman 1396944 Elevated feed kit
Andrew Cullen 59162 All black antenna kit
Birdy 59121 Cig light adaptor
Carol Slight 59895 Headlight