Welcome to Sydney District 4x4 Club

The club was formed 20 years ago to promote safe and friendly 4x4 driving around Australia. Over the years the club has developed an efficient and well trained Driver Training Unit to help members learn the skills required to enjoy their vehicles in a manner that will enhance enjoyment and minimise damage to not only the vehicle but also the wonderful country we are driving in.

The club holds monthly meetings at the Australian Hotel & Brewery, 350 Annangrove Rd, Rouse Hill, NSW 2155 (physical meetings are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions - meetings now held via Zoom) on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7.30pm we have members from the Hills, Hawkesbury and across the Sydney basin who enjoy what the club has to offer and the company of other members.

At Sydney District 4x4 Club the number one rule is safety. The trainers and trip leaders care about your safety and that of the general public. Under no circumstances will a member be allowed to participate in any event if they are impaired in any way. The trainers and trip leaders are always on the lookout for any damage to a members vehicle that may make their vehicle unsafe.

All members receive basic training, costs for all training are included in your club membership, so that they can participate in club trips. After basic training there are many other forms of training available if you wish to build on your skills. No one will pressure you to undertake any training you don't wish to undertake. Trips listed for members you join cater for those who do not "want to go hard" but simply want a nice social drive in the bush.

The club is very aware of its position within the community and over the years has taken part in many community activities. These have included

  • Clean Up Australia Day - in areas where we conduct our training so we can ensure these areas will remain open to enjoy.
  • Australias Biggest Morning Tea - The club hosts an annual event for cancer research
  • Drought Relief Runs - starting in 2018 the club, in conjunction with the Berowra Apex Club, has run a number of Drought Relief Runs to help the communities affected by the drought. These will continue in 2019 and are a great way to meet members of outback communities who are doing it tough.